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As of 2021
As of 2021

Our Bestseller

The Sherwood Scientific MSB Mk1

The Sherwood MK1 has seen application in researches all around the world. Made with care with the best materials. Manufactured and assembled in UK.

Sherwood Scientific Ltd.

Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a Development and Manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in many industries, education and research. Based in Cambridge, the centre of excellence for the UK.

Flame Photometer

Sherwood Scientific Ltd has the widest range of instruments and accessories available from any one manufacturer of Flame Photometers.

Magnetic Suseptibility Balance

Sherwood Scientific's Magnetic Susceptibility Balances are recognised in hundreds of teaching and research laboratories throughout the world.

K Lab Co. Ltd

K Lab Co., Ltd. has been leading the development and dissemination of a spectrophotometer having a monochromator applied with a high-precision scanning mechanism developed for the first time in Korea. They also consider the convenience and satisfaction of customers as their core value and they constantly challenge themselves.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

OPTIZEN POP SERIES are single-beam type spectrophotometers and offer stable performance and compact-size and reasonable price to the users. The series are categorized into POP, POP-S, POP-V according to the specification of the products.

Peak Instruments

PEAK Instruments is a high tech enterprise integrated with RnD, production, sales and service of spectrophotometers, pH meter, conductivity meter, dissolved oxygen meter, ion concentration meter, electrode, colorimeter and turbidicty meter.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Steady, modern and elegant appearance design, the newest microcomputer technology and electronic control system.

Xenon Spectrophotometer

International advanced xenon light (Hamamatsu) source makes the instrument more stable and reliable. Three years warranty.

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